Google Calculator (Google Agent?)

p. “(extlink)Google”:http://www.google.com now allows you to enter math equations directly into the web search field, and it will automatically spit out results, as well as do unit conversions among other things. For instance, if you enter: *speed of light * 2* then google will return the speed of light * 2 = 599 584 916 ...

Panther Fast User Switching

p. David Every has some criticisms of Apple’s new Panther Operating system, that in many ways seem unfounded in an article at www.iGeek.com.

iTunes for Windows

iTunes for Windows
p. “iTunes for Windows “:http://www.apple.com/itunes has been making quite a splash. After a couple of days of using it, I have to say that people who have been using iTunes on the Mac will probably be thrilled, and people who are used to “Winamp”:http://www.winamp.com or “Musicmatch”:http://www.musicmatch.com will probably prefer it after using it for a ...

MacOSX 10.3 “Panther” Coming Out

Apple’s announced that “OSX 10.3”:http://www.apple.com/macosx/ will be released this month on October 24th. The feature set looks quite impressive, and hopefully the speed gains will be as impressive as promised.

iCal and iSync Updated

Apple updated their iCal and iSync software, finally replacing the floating window for event properties with a drawer and fixing the method for entering appointments that span multiple days. In addition, “phpiCalendar”:http://phpicalendar.sourceforge.net/nuke seems to be progressing quickly, and is now almost at the level of Apple’s own “.Mac”:http://www.mac.com calendar publishing software. The latest .94 builds ...