Leila and Penelope

Hi everyone, I hope the holidays finds everyone happy and well. I’m proud to announce that yesterday morning at 12:46 and 12:55 PM Leila and Penelope Shao entered the world. Leila was 5 lb. 11 oz, and 19 inches long. She’s the quiet thoughtful one, but she’s looking around an awful lot so I’m suspicious ...

Wednesday at the Latest

At today’s doctor’s visit they told us to they were going to set up an appointment to induce labor next wednesday at 39 weeks if the babies haven’t come yet. The irony of scheduling to induce the babies on Lisa’s birthday is rather odd.

Any Day Now

The girls are expected any day now. Work’s been interesting — I get a lot of “you’re still here” comments and everyone seems to be excited. Twins are definitely a big deal.


I have some photos of Chris dressed up for halloween in his aviator costume.

Extreme Pumpkins

Extreme Pumpkins had a bunch of variations on Jack-o-lanterns including my favorite, the puking pumpkin.