APFT Monday that I have to pass. I’m about 24 seconds away on the run, so hopefully I’ll be able to post here on Monday that I had an outstanding run time.


Been doing PT again now that the winter break is wrapping to a close, and it’s really been wiping me out. Also, I’ve gotten a couple copies of the email form letter about Jane Fonda and Vietnam vets on the web recently. If you see it take it with a grain of salt. Many of ...

What a Party

The engagement party last night was amazing. Everyone put so much work into making everything run smoothly and well. Especially Dane and Greg and Lisa’s parents who really helped to put everything together and make sure that everything ran so smoothly. Even with the groom to be and his family managing to get completely lost ...

Archive Wierdness

Something weird going on with the archive. Going to try and fix it soon.

Engagement Party

Anyone who needs directions to my engagement party, give me a call on my cell phone. The party’s Saturday Dec. 28th @ 6PM.