Eric Eldred Act

Many librarians, historians, and others have become increasingly concerned at the ever-expanding reach of copyright (and patent law for that matter) both in bredth and length. The Eric Eldred is a movement to put in place an easy system to speed the transition of commercial works that authors are not recieving value from into the ...

Piles in OSX 10.3 (Panther)

There’s been a lot of web discussion about the possibility of OSX 10.3 including support for piles. It sounds like an interesting feature, and Bruce Tognazzini talks about the original research regarding piles on his website Ask tog. He talks about piles being a context sensitive data structure. I see 2 useful roles for piles: ...

Gangs of New York

I finally saw Gangs of New York today. For all the hype, and the reviews that I had heard, I didn’t find it to be either particularly moving or powerful. The beginning was very slow moving in terms of developing the characters and plot, and while it has the trappings of being a serious historical ...

Iranian Joined Twins

The death of the conjoined Iranian twins was a tragedy, however directing people’s natural sadness against the medical community that attempted the procedure is a mistake.

Safari & Proxy Autoconfig

Dave Hyatt, who is currently working at Apple Computer on their Safari browser has asked for users “Top Ten Problems With Safari’s Web Page Display.” My issues so far are: