Trying IntelliJ, For Real this Time

So – have been getting an increasing amount of weirdness with Eclipse/m2Eclipse/STS recently, which has made experimenting w/Intellij increasingly attractive. Going to try doing a mostly turkey switch for a few days, and see – since many people I know and respect rave about it. Initial thoughts:

  • Maven import was real easy, and looks to have been clean. On the Mac, had to fix a:
    java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError that looks like it was caused by the Maven plugin not cleanly picking up my M2_HOME and JAVA_HOME properties, but pointing them all at JDK 6 seems to have fixed that
  • Having a “Make/Build” button again is a strange experience
  • Changes between dependent Mavne modules seem to propagate quickly – more quickly than Eclipse/M2Eclipe (with much less RAM for IDE too)
  • IntelliJ seems much happier playing with external Maven, SVN, other tools – touching files outside the IDE doesn’t seem to throw it for a loop like Eclipse
  • The Spring applicationContext.xml completion looks to be quite good, and *FAST*

So far it’s been mostly good, though highly frustrating until I figure things out. Interested to see what my velocity looks like after a few days, will probably be playing over the weekend.