Colloquy 2.1 (3720)

Blog and it shall be done! Colloquy just released an update which lists the blank chat room problem (source of amusement like “hello…?”. This makes me happy since aside from that small incapacitating bug, I’ve been extremely happy with Colloquy — it makes IRC feel like not IRC 🙂

Release Notes

Colloquy 2.1 (3720)

The latest build on 9/11/2007 can be downloaded here (6.61 MB). Requires 10.3.9 or higher. Supplied as a universal binary, allowing it to run on an Intel or PowerPC Mac.

Changes in this Release

* Fix for the blank chat room bug. #576

Update: Hmmm… not *entirely* fixed — though happens much less now. Looks like /reload styles is still going to be my friend for a while. Apparently this fixes a case where with Safari 3 it happened a lot more.