OpenEAI is about integration, out of U. Illinois, open source. Sample enterprise (reference model) with gateways to link applications into the bus and serices provided by the bus. Some of the functions (authoritative user accounts, finding names) sound very IDM like. The sample enterprise has a quickstart-like distribution that can run all of the services & db on a laptop or box.

“OpenEAI Enterprise Self Service” application provides an example of working with multiple services through the ESB. ESB enforce security, AuthZ, filtering, ordering/authoritative sources, etc. “Talk to the bus, not point-to-point service integration.”

Account Creation – logged into uportal account which propagates changes across the bus to other applications. SelfService portal creates a user on the bus if the user doesn’t exist yet.  Sakai gateway then creates a Sakai account for the user to login once the person exists on the bus. Password synchronization passed across the bus. Authoritative sources produce sync messages to other services to notify for updates, etc. Sync messages are consumed by a routing service to broadcast messages to – routing information & rules put into the bus.