GPL Java


It has finally happened. Sun today announced that Java SE, Java ME, and Glassfish are being open sourced under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPLv2) with Sun today releasing an early build of the Java SE 7 HotSpot JVM, the javac compiler, and JavaHelp in the new OpenJDK project at Java.NET which will be the project site for future JDK development, releases, bug fixes, etc.  The fully buildable Java SE 7 JDK classlibraries will be available in Q1 2007.

GPL seems like a good choice if you’re going after bundling on Linux.  I can’t help but think that Apache would have been a better alignment though – I think Sun still seems very focused on the desktop and beating out Microsoft.  This seems to be positioning Java to compete more heads on with Mono which Novell has been pushing and which seems to be gaining traction in the GNOME crowd.

Seems like partnering with the ASF would have been the best way to build a strong community around Java though…