French Religious Symbol Ban

> PARIS, Oct. 21 – To enforce its new law banning > religious symbols from public schools, the Ministry of > National Education has decided to get tough. > > This week it held formal disciplinary hearings and began > expelling students who violated the law. The goal was to > get rid of those ...

GE Imagination at Work

[Imagination at Work! CUBED](http://www.imaginationcubed.com) is a VERY cool Flash applicatin by people at GE to do collaborative whiteboarding. The cool thing is they’ve built in chatting, basic drawing, and a way to invite people to ongoing sessions via either email or IM. Very neat.

Baby’s First Movie


> Voters who visit the Votergasm website can choose from three > different levels of commitment: > > * “Votergasm citizens” must pledge to withhold sex from non-voters > for a week after election night > * “Patriot-level commitment” requires a voter to have sex with > another voter on election night as well as ...


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