Can Kerry Really Beat Bush?

News Analysis: Wins Leave Kerry With 8-Month Challenge: Beat the IncumbentThree days before the 10 Democratic contests of Super Tuesday, a national poll by the National Annenberg Election Survey at the University of Pennsylvania found that just over a third of registered voters who said they intended to participate believed they had learned enough about the candidates to make an informed choice. A like percentage expressed a similar view in the 21 states that have yet to vote. [ “(extlink)NYTimes”:http://www.nytimes.com” ]

I find it troubling that so many Democrats voted for Kerry because they “wanted someone who could beat Bush” without actually knowing who he is. It seems like they may have unintentionally elected someone who won’t be any more appealing to middle of the road voters than Bush. What happens if we have *2* candidates that independents don’t find appealing? Will Nader “spoil” the election again?