Why No Afghan Checks and Balances? 1

Karzai weathers power struggle, but at a priceHamid Karzai is on a roll. A majority of the 502 delegates to Afghanistan’s constitutional convention now favors the strong presidential system that Mr. Karzai is pushing. The emerging consensus is a big win for Karzai and for the United States, which installed the ethnic Pashtun clan leader in the presidential palace after the fall of the Taliban two years ago. [Christian Science Monitor]

Why is the United States, a country which so strongly values checks and balances pushing for a government in Afghanistan that lacks the same? It seems to me that we are sacrificing long-term stability and democracy for short term convenience and political maneuvering. While the Bush administration has shown itself to be politically savvy, I wonder if they are simply setting up US foreign policy for a continuation of the cycle of dictatorship and upheaval?

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  1. Erica Apr 12,2004 7:41 am

    Just reading up on some of this lately, was interesting.

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