Dvorak predicts the death of blogs

p. “(extlink)John Dvorak writes in his column”:http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,4149,1382914,00.asp that blogs are over-hyped, based on a recent study that shows increasing abandonment of even established blogs online, after the novelty wears off. I think though, that he’s missing the point, which is that blogs lower the cost of publishing to a point where all kinds of specialty ...

Democrats “Embrace” Gay Marriage

p. Another “(extlink)Salon article”:http://www.salon.com/politics/wire/2003/11/19/dems/index.html discusses the mainstream Democratic position that they seek a civil union arrangement, but not gay marriage. It sounds like political posturing at its worst, and begs the question, if it walks like a duck, and quacks, why not just call it marriage?

Let’s Get Married when we’re 40

p. A “(extlink)Salon article”:http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2003/11/18/marriage_pacts/index.html (subscription or ad required) talks about the increasing prevalence of contingency plans where singles plan with friends of the opposite sex to be emergency wedding partners, when they get older.

Inverted Pyramid Style for the Web

p. Another Fast Company “(extlink)article”:http://blog.fastcompany.com/archives/2003/11/14/languishing_language.html talks about the need to modify your writing style, particularly when dealing with the web. I couldn’t agree more. I can’t count the number of problems caused when someone “didn’t read the entire email” or “missed the details at the bottom.” Particularly with so much communication now coming in the ...

Fast Company: The Price is Right

p. Fast Company published an “(extlink)article”:http://www.fastcompany.com/soundoff/reader_comment.html?cid=12386 about consumers increasing willingness to scrimp and save in one are to spend on premium products in another. I think the thought behind the article show promise in indicating a return to a “positive” approach to growth and marketing.