My Rutgers Portal

p. Rutgers updated the “(extlink)My Rutgers Portal”:http://my.rutgers.edu over the summer, with a “(extlink)uPortal 2.0”:http://mis105.mis.udel.edu/ja-sig/uportal/ based backend. They’ve also finally integrated some single sign on functionality, probably as part of the greater “(extlink)NetID”:http://netid.rutgers.edu that they’ve started emphasizing recently, in an attempt to move online services away from SSN/UNIX login authentication to a more centralized system.

p. In addition to the new backend, some of the modules have recieved changes, particularly the Event Channel, which is now a full featured link into the “(extlink)Rutgers Event Calendar”:http://www.acs.rutgers.edu:8888/calendar/ database, displaying events and summaries of events inline in the portal interface. I was a bit disappointed that there were such a small number of news features integrated, particularly given the number of sites now publishing “(extlink)RSS”:http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss feeds (including the “(extlink)Daily Targum”:http://www.dailytargum.com . Given that the uPortal platform has a built in capacity to handle RSS feeds, I would think it would be an easy way to add value to the system. That and the further integration of University services, like perhaps a Meal Plan status module, or a “(extlink)Knight Express”:http://food.rutgers.edu/knightexpress.html balance check.

p. All in all, though it seems to be excellent progress. Does anyone else have features that they would like to see integrated?