Fix MT Bookmarklet in Safari

Fixing the MT bookmarklet for Safari [ “(extlink)The Daily Journey”:http://www.jayallen.org/journey/ ] Change: t=d.selection?d.selection.createRange() .text:d.getSelection(); To: t=getSelection(); Much as I’d grown to love Kung-log, with the trackback integration and “(extlink)Omniweb”:http://www.omnigroup.com/applications/omniweb/ or “(extlink)Safari’s”:http://www.apple.com/safari built in spell checking, I’ve found that I actually use the bookmarklet much more when browsing and blogging. The only thing that would be ...

New CSS Site Design

The frontpage has been redone into a new design using CSS to position the sidebars. There’s a few bugs to work out (particularly in Internet Explorer) but hopefully they’ll get worked out in a few days and then I’ll extend the design to the rest of the site.

Safari & Proxy Autoconfig

Dave Hyatt, who is currently working at Apple Computer on their Safari browser has asked for users “Top Ten Problems With Safari’s Web Page Display.” My issues so far are: