Lessig in Trial against Charitable Immunity Act

p. “(extlink)Lawrence Lessig”:http://lessig.org/blog/ is representing John Hardwicke in a lawsuit against their common alma mater the American Boychoir School in Princeton. As reported in the “(extlink)Star Ledger”:http://www.nj.com/search/index.ssf?/base/news-1/106870652649440.xml?starledger?ntr :

Comment Spam

p. “(extlink)Six Log: Comment Spam”:http://www.sixapart.com/log/2003/10/comment_spam.shtml talks about spammers increasingly leaving comments on blogs (particularly those powered by MovableType) as in addition to the circulation you would get from email Spam, it helps to build a site’s “(extlink)Google PageRank”:http://www.google.com/technology . This problem has become prevalent that “(extlink)Jay Allen”:http://www.jayallen.org has produced “(extlink)MT-Blacklist”:http://www.jayallen.org/projects/mt-blacklist/ a plug-in designed to reject ...

GNOME 2.4 Gentoo ebuild

I’ve been experimenting with “Gentoo Linux”:http://www.gentoo.org, and “GNOME 2.4”:http://www.gnome.org recently. I’ve also played around with “KDE”:http://www.kde.org somewhat. While on the surface I find KDE’s integration and the support of apps for common features like addressbook, etc to be quite appealing, I’ve actually found myself drifting back to GNOME for my day to day tasks. KDE ...