Open Letter to Connie Schultz

Ms. Schultz, My wife and I were reading the paper together when we saw a syndicated copy of your column titled “Morning after pill brings ad new day.” As someone who after some careful thought generally supports the idea of the morning after pill being made an over the counter medication (as long as the ...

NJ 9/11 Memorial

The Star Ledger reports on a revival of plans for a public competition to design a 9/11 memorial for NJ victims to be placed in Liberty Corner State Park. A previous contest was doomed by poor publicity and was scrapped in November after garnering only 19 submissions, none of which impressed the family members who ...

Safari & Proxy Autoconfig

Dave Hyatt, who is currently working at Apple Computer on their Safari browser has asked for users “Top Ten Problems With Safari’s Web Page Display.” My issues so far are: