ICANN vs. UN for Internet Control

Bloggers have been commenting on the World Summit on the Information Society. While in many ways the conference has degenerated into a forum for the undeveloped world to take potshots at the developed nations over notions of equality, it has concerned many due to both potential effects on the internet, and a misunderstanding by many ...

British IRS has Sense of Humor

p. “(extlink)Adam Smith Institute Blog”:http://www.adamsmithblog.org republished a “(extlink)letter reprinted in the Guardian”:http://www.guardian.co.uk/guardian_jobs_and_money/story/0,3605,1050281,00.html from the British Tax Collection Agency in response to an irate letter from someone owing taxes. It’s quite funny, and certainly more humorous than an American response from the IRS.

Inverted Pyramid Style for the Web

p. Another Fast Company “(extlink)article”:http://blog.fastcompany.com/archives/2003/11/14/languishing_language.html talks about the need to modify your writing style, particularly when dealing with the web. I couldn’t agree more. I can’t count the number of problems caused when someone “didn’t read the entire email” or “missed the details at the bottom.” Particularly with so much communication now coming in the ...