Slate: Thou Shalt Not Pray

Slate recently published Thou Shalt Not Pray – Does the Constitution hate God? By Dahlia Lithwick. In it the author discusses the trickiness involved in simultaneously working to guarantee freedom of individuals to practice religion with prohibiting the state from establishing religion. She mentions a few points, but then concludes with a passage that takes ...

Eric Eldred Act

Many librarians, historians, and others have become increasingly concerned at the ever-expanding reach of copyright (and patent law for that matter) both in bredth and length. The Eric Eldred is a movement to put in place an easy system to speed the transition of commercial works that authors are not recieving value from into the ...

Iranian Joined Twins

The death of the conjoined Iranian twins was a tragedy, however directing people’s natural sadness against the medical community that attempted the procedure is a mistake.