Mac OS X Tiger – resolution independent UI

The next major release of the Mac OS X operating system will include technology that will eventually grant users more control over the way application windows are displayed to the screen. According to reliable sources, Apple Computer’s Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Tiger’ OS will introduce developer support for resolution independent user interfaces (UI), breaking the ...

Is Real a Real Hypocrite?

instead of a groundswell of support, Real was skewered as a false advocate for open standards and mocked for its history of being unfriendly to its customers. Not surprisingly, a good chunk of the criticism came from Apple users who are legendary for their loyalty to the brand. ——–


This site is an interesting idea, since it seems like it would be a fairly good way to share calendars. While Apple’s gotten some attention with iCal calendar sharing, the fact is that there are still poor standards for exchanging calendaring information. Any standards for exchanging data could be interesting ——–

Sun licenses search software for desktop

Sun licensed the software from a small company in Alameda, Calif., called Karelia, which worked for years on a version of Watson for Apple computers. Sun has created a new version of the software–code-named Alameda–that runs on any Java-enabled computer, said Peder Ulander, senior director of marketing for Sun’s Desktop Solutions Group. Interesting. I was ...

More Open, Scriptable NSPlugins

RELEASE: Mozilla Foundation Announces More Open, Scriptable Plugins Adobe, Apple, Macromedia, Opera and Sun Microsystems join in push to modernize plugins and create a richer web experience This sounds like it would be a great step forward in terms of building rich clients in the browser. Looking at the raft of companies involved, I wonder ...