Not going to CNBAM

I’m not going to be able to make it to the CNBAM conference in Miami next week. 🙁 Unfortunately, I had some Army training which I won’t be able to miss. I trust our 2003-2004 Business Manager and Marketing Director will hold us in good stead as far as representing the Targum goes, though. Good ...

Ran myself through a PT Test today.

Event: Raw: Score:PU 67 96SU 76 97RU 15:42 63 Total Score: 256 That’s pretty much my personal all time high, so I’m pretty psyched about it. I’m a little disappointed that all the time spent running over the past couple of weeks hasn’t translated into a greater improvement in my run time, though. ——–

Had a good time seeing everyone at Andy’s

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a good time seeing everyone at Andy’s… even the strange veggie food place. Especially seeing Tejal & Ankur’s engagement pics and video… though I must say that you have far more patience with all that garb and the picture taking than I ever could. 🙂 ——–

Happy Birthday Andy

Happy Birthday Andy. Even if your room is a Star Trek shrine, you’re still a pretty nice guy 😉

New Targum Business Manager and Marketing Director

Congratulations to Jennifer Vandertoorn and Christopher Sisti, the new Business Manager and Marketing Director for the Targum Publishing Company. Congratulations to both of you as well as the many other excellent candidates who came out to interview, and best of luck for next year and at the CNBAM conference next week.