Baby Video

I’ve posted an older video of Chris that we took at Lisa’s parents house. I just discovered Flickr a few weeks ago (well, re-discovered, guess that puts me on the trail of the Web 2.0 crowd) so of course YouTube seems like the logical next step. So… here it is:

MythTV Box

So building a Tivo seemed like a great idea last month… Actually getting MythTV up and running in my desktop on Ubuntu with a PVR-150 went pretty smoothly.  Upgrading to Dapper seems to have broken the config, and getting the remote and VFD working has been painful.  Probably the best thing to do would be ...

New Photos

New photos of the kids have made it online. There’d be more, but they’re keeping us soo busy…

Sippy Cup

Sippy Cup
I was at Ikea this weekend picking up a bookshelf to add to the babies room, when lisa had me pick up this cup set. Chris loved it! Started giggling once he opened the package and saw the little penguin looking back at him, and hasn’t stopped since. Well worth the 6 bucks.

More Photos

I’ve posted some more photos of Chris and the girls. Twins aren’t so bad–most of the time. Sometimes, they’re a couple of handfulls. Having twins and a highly energetic 17-month old at the same time… that’s quite a stretch. Hence the long delay in posting pictures. The twins are shooting up like weeds though, and ...