Neat Intellij Tricks

So, after a few months of working almost exclusively in Intellij, I have to say I think it *is* a better IDE, and I miss it when I go back to Eclipse. There’s significant talk about us adopting it, though the usual questions about retraining, etc. rear their ugly head. Neat tidbits that have come up:

  • Automatic, pre-commit static code-analysis – including your own bug definitions: http://jetbrains.dzone.com/articles/find-your-very-own-bugs
  • Great SVN change-list support for keeping multiple flows of changes sorted out – even shows up properly in svn status
  • One-click threadlocal refactor: http://blogs.jetbrains.com/idea/2009/10/threadlocal-in-one-click/
  • Settings sync online w/IDEA Server Plugin
  • Glassfish integration works, deploy & really nice console mapping (e.g. tail arbitrary log files) – have to leave username/password blank
  • Maven support: true main vs. test scope isolation, hierarchical module support
  • Language Injection: specify that certain methods take SQL, Groovy, REGEX, CSS, JS, and get working sytax completion, etc.