Microsoft & Desktop Web Apps

Hmm… been a while since I vanity blogged 🙂

I was using my Mac with the Universal Access panel’s VoiceOver turned on (which is really annoying if you don’t tweak the verbosity settings) as part of some accessibility testing that I was doing with Sakai.

An interesting side-effect of my testing came when Microsoft’s MyDay panel came up (their Entourage 2008 summary panel). When you hover over the panel, Voiceover reveals that the panel is actually mostly an HTML content area. Surprised to see a desktop-centric company like Microsoft leveraging web technology in a rich client.

I do wonder though – as interfaces back-track from the standard widget look & feels that were the hallmark of the original Mac and Windows – the web makes as much sense as any other platform for non-standard OS UI design. Probably more so than others, if for no reason than there’s a horde of graphic and UA individuals familiar with HTML, CSS, JS, et. al.

Particularly given trends for integrating in-line help (per the excellent Quickbook article) this seems like something that’s likely to continue/expand as a trend.