Ballmer says Google’s hiring pace is ‘insane’

Ballmer says Google’s hiring pace is ‘insane’

Google also is reliant on a single source of revenue, Ballmer said. The company made almost all of its revenue last year from advertising sales.

“They’re still really one business, and it’s a search and advertising business,” he said. Google’s other efforts have been “cute,” he said.

I’m not sure that Ballmer’s rosy picture of Microsoft’s talent matches what Microsoft’s underground bloggers seem to be saying. Although, consensus from many seems to be that when Microsoft went into rapid-hire expansion mode the quality of their employees took a dive.

Also, considering how much of Microsoft’s revenue comes from either Windows or Office, as opposed to all of their other business offerings, I’m not sure how much ground Ballmer has to make that kind of comment. If he were at Procter & Gamble…