Blogging styles

I had a conversation with a coworker about blogging today who got into RSS because of an internal presentation, but was asking “How do I find feeds.” The short answer is… “here’s my feedlist (~140 feeds) see if you like some.”

It did make me think though, that I basically see 2 types of blogs. Some bloggers (Kottke, Dave Weiner) point to lots of links of things they found interesting, with some commentary interspersed. For tipping point readers, they’re the communicators who are bridging groups of people, pointing out new stuff. That’s how I get to most of the stuff that ends up in my feedreaders now, someone linked to it. Then I end up on someone’s blog, and it looks interesting.

The other category is people who publish a lot of original content (Joel Spolsky, Steve Yegge, Daring Fireball, etc.). I tend to land on these blogs from a link from some other blog, but subscribe, or keep coming back because the content is regularly good. Here, it’s more about getting a window onto an individuals thoughts or work, as opposed to enlisting someone else who reads a lot as an editor.

I think I fall more into the first category (though this entry is long for me:) — especially if you include my del.icio.us links which I treat a lot like a linkblog.