Turn Cremated Loved Ones Into Diamonds

The remains of a 27-year-old woman from Phoenix have been transformed into six precious stones and are set to be delivered to her family and friends on Friday. LifeGem’s first order could be the start of a new age in the funeral industry.

picture of diamond

Fantastically creepy, and yet at the same time kind of practical seeming. At least it’s much less loony than Anna Nicole Smith carting around her dead husband’s ashes in an urn. And, if you’re looking for a small, durable keepsake, it is hard to beat a diamond.

Other crazy burial options listed in the same story include:

  • Being turned into a frisbee, like frisbee creator Ed Headrick
  • Having Eternal Reefs turn mix your ashes with concrete to make an artificial reef
  • Getting sent into orbit like Star Trek creator Gene Roddenbury
  • Painted into art, lending new creepiness to those family portraits hanging in the hall
  • Turned into comic ink, like Mark Gruenwald from Marvel Comics