Flying Car Demoed at Show

Flying Car more economical than SUV | The Register


bq. It’s just a prototype, but judging by the queues of eager children – of all ages – that clustered around his M400 SkyCar, he has the hit of the show. Moller has spent $200 million and many years of his life on this quixotic venture. We’ll share the latest specifications with you.

I saw some stories on this several months ago, and it still looks unbelievable. Just imagine the savings on infrastructure – highways, bridges, etc. Having a demo at a show makes it feel more real somehow, though admittedly not many of these show concepts make it to reality.

p(update). Many people have claimed that Moller has been running “a few years from release” “(extlink)scams for years”:http://www.downside.com/scams/moller/ .