Michael Moore’s New Film

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Disney ‘blocks’ Moore documentary

bq. Moore, who won an Oscar for Bowling for Columbine in 2003, questioned whether in a “free and open society” Disney should be making such a decision.

While much of “(extlink)Michael Moore’s work”:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0601619/ has been excellent, I think he takes it a bit far when a company (for whatever reason) decides not to carry his work and he claims it as an infringement on free speech. In a free and open society, shouldn’t Disney be able to decide what they wish to carry, for whatever reasons? Wasn’t Michael Moore free to contract with someone else for distribution? (I do believe he may have grounds for grievance under breach of contract)

p(update). UPDATE: Keith Burgin mentions this issue on his “(extlink)blog”:http://www.whatabutthole.com .

p. UPDATE 2: “(extlink)the Independent”:http://news.independent.co.uk/world/americas/story.jsp?story=518901 has weighed in on Michael Moore’s statements:

bq. Less than 24 hours after accusing the Walt Disney Company of pulling the plug on his latest documentary in a blatant attempt at political censorship, the rabble-rousing film-maker Michael Moore has admitted he knew a year ago that Disney had no intention of distributing it.