The Apprentice

The ApprenticeSixteen candidates arrived on the treacherous island of Manhattan to face the challenge of their lives, with the hopes of winning a six-figure salary. Their boss over the next 15 weeks would be the biggest real estate developer in New York, Donald Trump. The players are from all walks of life, from PhDs and MBAs to self-made success stories.

Apprentice Female Team

I watched the first episode – well, parts of it and found it mildly interesting, but was going to watch it again but… well, Lisa was talking on the phone so I turned the volume down, and really didn’t miss the show until it was over. Even then, I didn’t feel like I missed much.

I have to echo the argument made by some reviewers, the characters in this show aren’t particularly varied as people. I’m not sure if there’s enough different personalities to provide really interesting interactions.

That combined with the fact that Donald Trump doesn’t come across as a keen-edged, wise tycoon, but more as a self-congratulating egotist and much of the suspense of the “boardroom” scene disappears. Who cares which one of the overly ambitious, materialistic contestants gets fired? And do Donald Trump’s reasons really interest me?

I don’t think I’ll be watching this show again.