Daily Devotional – 11/2

p. Today’s devotional was 1 Timothy 4 , Isaiah 38-39 , Psalm 119:121-144 . Isaiah’s teachings on the ultimate forgiveness of God, as shown by the thousands of years of his faithful support and continual forgiveness of Isreal struck me. It just brought further into contrast the constant themes of love and forginess in the bible, which seem so often ignored by “religious men” who in the name of morality teach intolerance and punishment.

p. In addition to Isaiah, Timothy discusses living the word, and staying away from some of the temptations in life. I think his notes about the worldly message to “not to get married” and the lines about diet are perticularly relevent in today’s world.[1] Hearing people talk about discrimination against single people, and complaining that their unmarried live in long-term partner does not recieve the benefits of a spouse, like automatic inheritance, or shared coverage in health care plans seems to trivialize the institution of marriage, and suggest that making a lifetime committment to love, honor, and cherish does not have the moral weight that it used to.

fn1. 1 Timothy 4:3-5