Gentoo, 8139too & Linux Kernel ACPI

p. Well, I finally have my “Gentoo”:http://www.gentoo.org Linux system up… mostly. I can connect to the Internet, I emerged builds of Gnome, KDE, and some apps like Evolution and Galeon. Getting everything configured and running (particularly ethernet) took a couple of days of futzing around and reading up on the “Gentoo Forums”:http://forums.gentoo.org

Athlon XP & Heatsinks

I put together my Athlon XP system today, and finally got it booting. The problem ended up being exactly what Googling suggested, the Athlon won’t boot without a heatsink attached. For good reason too, WITH the heatsink (w/o thermal paste) the processor clocked in at 150+ degrees. It would boot, but I noticed various erratic ...

Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka

p. MSN Entertainment – News – Will Depp Play Willy Wonka? p. I think this would be amazing. If anyone in today’s hollywood establishment could do justice to such an eccentric role, I think that person is “Johnny Depp”:http://www.imdb.com/Name?Depp,+Johnny, especially after his performance in “Pirates of the Carribean”:http://pirates.movies.go.com

Slate: Thou Shalt Not Pray

Slate recently published Thou Shalt Not Pray – Does the Constitution hate God? By Dahlia Lithwick. In it the author discusses the trickiness involved in simultaneously working to guarantee freedom of individuals to practice religion with prohibiting the state from establishing religion. She mentions a few points, but then concludes with a passage that takes ...

Are swappers scared of the RIAA?

p. A “C|Net Article”:http://news.com.com/2100-1027_3-5066632.html?tag=fd_top discusses a “NPD”:http://www.npd.com/ survey that concludes that since the “RIAA”:http://www.riaa.com” began suing individual file swappers that the volume of file-trading has decreased more than they would expect due to “seasonal variations.” I wonder just how much attention they have paid to the annual exodus of college students away from their high-speed ...