GNOME 2.4 Gentoo ebuild

I’ve been experimenting with “Gentoo Linux”:http://www.gentoo.org, and “GNOME 2.4”:http://www.gnome.org recently. I’ve also played around with “KDE”:http://www.kde.org somewhat. While on the surface I find KDE’s integration and the support of apps for common features like addressbook, etc to be quite appealing, I’ve actually found myself drifting back to GNOME for my day to day tasks. KDE ...

Daily Targum Redesign

“The Daily Targum”:http://www.dailytargum.com at “Rutgers-New Brunswick”:http://www.rutgers.edu has undergone a new redesign for this year. While the new coverpage looks cleaner and somewhat more attractive, I think many of the interior pages look less professional and the new styles are inconsistantly applied.

New Personal Site

This is the new recently revised version of my personal site. While things are being worked around, if you’re intersted in my resume, it’s still available at: http://www.shao.org/jay/resume.html. More content will be following shortly.