Pirates of the Carribean

p. I just saw Disney’s “Pirates of the Carribean”:http://pirates.movies.go.com . I must say that I was extremely entertained. “Johnny Depp’s”:http://www.imdb.com/Name?Depp,+Johnny performance in particular was stunning. Although in the previews, his character only served to disturb me, when taken in the context of the film his eccentricites were a perfect match that few other actors are ...

Gangs of New York

I finally saw Gangs of New York today. For all the hype, and the reviews that I had heard, I didn’t find it to be either particularly moving or powerful. The beginning was very slow moving in terms of developing the characters and plot, and while it has the trappings of being a serious historical ...

The Italian Job

All in all, I thought the film Italian Job was great, and definitely satisfying in terms of entertainment value. It’s fast paced, and has enough cleverness and plot twists to keep me happy.