Addictive Blogging

This whole blogging thing is rather addictive, I must admit. I’ve had all these great ideas for things that I could do to my site now, to make it more interesting, and also things that wouldn’t (hopefully) need more work from me. 🙂 It should be interesting seing in a few weeks or so, how ...

Films and Books

I just inserted sections on films and books that I’ve read or viewed recently. I will most likely be updating those sections rather infrequently, but there are so many good books and other works out there, that I just had to plug a few that have caught my eye.

Interesting Items

I’m starting to add some other interesting items, in addition to the newslinks I have a photo album, guestbook, and some other items in the offering. Hopefully over the next few days I’ll manage to put things together.


I’m engaged to the most wonderful person in the world. Lisa Ann Colon. 🙂


I’m just about getting ready to go to my CS323 exam. I’ll post later with how everything went.