Engagement Party

Anyone who needs directions to my engagement party, give me a call on my cell phone. The party’s Saturday Dec. 28th @ 6PM.

Merry Christmas to everyone

Merry Christmas to everyone! BBQ grilled turkey and stuffing are definitely the way to go for dinner. Korean food isn’t bad as an appetizer, but it’s nice to have a sitdown family meal followed by a boardgame.

No More Finals

Finally done with Finals for the semester. What a great feeling. Now I’m just looking forward to some Christmas and getting into the engagement party on the 28th. Happy holidays for everyone.

Odd Night

Last night was pretty crazy. The basic timeline: Miss the first train. Rush through dinner. Arrive at STOMP only to find out that apparently there’s a time restriction on our tickets where you have to show up 1/2 hour early (not what I was told over the phone when I made the reservation) Decide to ...

1 Exam Left

Only 1 exam left to go next week, then nothing more for a while. It’s such a liberating feeling to be free from that time immediate pressure feeling. I’m going to see STOMP tomorrow night, with some tickets I got through work. Should be interesting, and I’m excited since I’ve heard a lot of good ...