1 Exam Left

Only 1 exam left to go next week, then nothing more for a while. It’s such a liberating feeling to be free from that time immediate pressure feeling. I’m going to see STOMP tomorrow night, with some tickets I got through work. Should be interesting, and I’m excited since I’ve heard a lot of good ...

Addictive Blogging

This whole blogging thing is rather addictive, I must admit. I’ve had all these great ideas for things that I could do to my site now, to make it more interesting, and also things that wouldn’t (hopefully) need more work from me. 🙂 It should be interesting seing in a few weeks or so, how ...


I’m just about getting ready to go to my CS323 exam. I’ll post later with how everything went.

Targum Headlines

I’ve added headlines from the Daily Targum where I work to give you an idea of some of the events that are occuring in the Rutgers area.