McCormick Admits Affair

p. The “(extlink)NYTimes”:http://www.nytimes.com posted an article titled: Denial Over, Rutgers President Admits Affair in Previous Job regarding “(extlink)Rutgers”:http://www.rutgers.edu President Richard McCormick’s rumored but denied affair with a subordinate while at the University of Washington.

Macs & MT

Michael Hanscom and some other people have finally started to post on something that increasingly has surprised me, and that is the level of Mac penetration into the Movabletype user community. (or is it the penetration of MT with those using Macs) When browsing Mac oriented blogs, a strong majority of them clearly are powered ...

Iranian Joined Twins

The death of the conjoined Iranian twins was a tragedy, however directing people’s natural sadness against the medical community that attempted the procedure is a mistake.